20 Tank, San Francisco's favorite brewpub for 10 years unfortunately closed its doors for good on June 2nd, 2000. The basic reason for closing was that they lost their lease.  The neighborhood 20 Tank existed in has been assimilated by dot-coms, and when the 10 year lease was up, the landlord took advantage of favorable real estate prices.

But the important thing is to focus on all the good things that awesome pub brought all of us.  So many people religiously came to the pub every day, or every week.  Many of the regulars that came in the last day were also there for the very first day of 20 Tank.  I hear stories from those people a lot - "We were there on opening day!".  Yes, I'm jealous.  I only got to experience 20 Tank for the last couple years of its young life.

The people have always been what made 20 Tank so great.  The staff was always awesome, the brewers were always great, and the patrons were the best anywhere.

I first went to 20 Tank in January 1995.  I then worked up to "regular" status in 1998.  I worked there from about June 1999 to April 2000 as a barback, bartender, and cook.  I left only to pursue my dream of being a full time brewer.  I actually hung on to my weekend shifts at 20 Tank for about 2 months after starting my other brewing job.  I never wanted to leave.

Please look through this site and enjoy the memories.  I will post pictures of the closing night here as soon as I get access to a scanner.  There are some jewels in my stack.  I was also one of the 3 people that stayed awake through then entire night (finishing the hidden stash of War Bonnet), so the pictures obviously get better as the night (day) goes on.

  * Much of the content on the 20 Tank pages is taken from 20 Tank's website.